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PVC versus Corrugated Drain Pipe: Why PVC pipe is superior to corrugated pipe!

Not all drainage is created equal. If you are either hiring a drainage contractor or looking to attempt your own DIY drainage project, you might be wondering - which pipe is best?

Short answer:

PVC pipes are by far superior to corrugated pipes. If you are hiring a drainage contractor and you see their truck full of corrugated pipe - run! (Or run them off…)

Corrugated pipe is only used for one or all of the following reasons: 1) it's cheaper for the contractor and/ or, 2) Lack of knowledge, and/ or 3) Ease of install (it's less labor-intensive).

All three reasons to use corrugated pipe clearly only benefit the contractor. Here at Louisiana Drainage Service our priority is to benefit YOU!

Long answer:

Below we go through the pros and cons of both PVC and Corrugated pipe to provide you with a total overview of why PVC pipe is superior.

PVC Pipe:

1. PVC pipe is stronger, more durable and crush resistant.

That means those pesky roots will not be able to penetrate the PVC pipe's walls - causing you a hefty repair bill down the road.

2. PVC pipe has a higher flow rate.

Its walls are smooth so its much less likely to catch debris or slow down the water flow. That means you will be more likely to avoid clogs caused by debris build up and, again, avoid that hefty repair/ clean out bill down the road.

3. In the event your PVC drainage system does clog - using PVC pipe allows the pipe to be serviceable and maintained with a roto rooter in the event of a clog.

4. PVC pipe systems can last for decades if properly maintained.

Corrugated Pipe:

1. Walls of corrugated pipe are much less durable than PVC. It's easily penetrable by roots. Corrugated pipes are also sometimes crushed by the surface pressure, especially if extra weight, such as a vehicle, is driven over the surface area.

2. Corrugated pipe is prone to clogging due to its corrugated structure.

Sediment often gets trapped in the ridges of a corrugated pipe and then builds from there.

3. If/ when your corrugated pipe does clog- it is NOT serviceable by a roto rooter due to the risk of damages on the equipment (it's just not as easy to fix corrugated pipes).

4. Corrugated pipes typically only last for 5-10 years.

Don't make the mistake of using corrugated pipe in your yard drainage DIY project or the mistake of hiring a contractor who cuts cost at the customer's expense by using corrugated pipe. If you're in doubt or need any additional advice please call LOUISIANA DRAINAGE SERVICE today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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